The retail space is riddled with the problem of a diminishing customer base due to the rise of online retail platforms. In one of our endeavors, Unifynd is looking to integrate intelligent software and smart hardware into the physical journey of the customer. The objective is to hack solutions for Image Processing & Text extraction of necessary data from invoices/bills.
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  • Team:1-4 members
  • Skills: Problem-solving, Data Structure, Algorithm, Coding

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Jash Choraria

Jash Choraria

Anish Jain

Anish Jain

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity
    This criteria will be graded on the program’s: 1. Performance 2. Modularity of Application 3. Ease of Deployment
  • Originality
    This criteria will be graded on the application’s: 1. Creativity 2. Originality
  • Usefulness
    This criteria will be graded as per: 1. No. of Features 2. Features useful to the user
  • Complete/Incomplete
    This criteria will be graded based on: 1. Completeness of the Application (Percentage completed)

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